Who Are Expert Flows?

Hi, I'm Dave

Founder & Owner of Expert Flows

I've been the technical lead behind many online businesses with over 12 years of experience in online marketing.

I've worked with many different markets in the ecommerce pace including:

  • Hair loss products
  • Male Enhancement Supplements
  • Air filtartion systems
  • Hydrostatic cleaning systems
  • Online learning
  • Marketing education
  • Brand Merchandise

Likes: Sport, puzzle games, and a nice pint of Guinness

Dislikes: Humidity, wool sweaters.


Dave Kingston

Founder & Owner - Expert Flows


Sinead Toomey

Administrator - Expert Flows

Hi, I'm Sinead

Admin Master of Expert Flows

I'm the one that keeps the lights on around here.

Organizing everything from the diary to the coffee.

There's a lot of coffee 🙂

If something involves a system or a process I'm the one that designs it, implements it, and maintains it.

Likes: My kids, dogs, cats, gardening, and herbology.

Dislikes: Mess and white chocolate.